Studio Android


Studio Android is was an open-source tool for every developer, themer, tweaker and ROM builder. It can be used on Windows, Linux and Mac. The tool offers:

Image editing

* (Auto-) resizing, for DPIs or custom percentages

* Image theming - switch colors

* Batch rename - for porting themes

* CopyFrom - Copy files from a given directory matching a given pattern to a given directory (for porting)


* Prepare your PC for building

* Download and build sources for a chosen ROM

* Add a governor to the kernel

* Install Android SDK and/or Java SDK


* Decompile / Recompile APKs to edit them

* Extract / Compress APKs

* Sign APK with one of the 5 android keys

* Create your own key for publishing to the Play Store

* Zipalign the APK

* Install the APK

* Optimize images inside the APK


* (Bak)smali for editing the code of a dex-file

* (De-)Odex a ROM (Odex is faster, De-odex can be themed)


* Connect over internet

* Logcat

* Build.prop editor

* (Fully) backup/restore your android phone - multi-functionable

* ADB File Explorer


Download the a stable version here: link

Windows: extract and run StudioWindows.exe

Linux / Mac: extract in a path without spaces and run StudioUnix