App Development

MAPPZ Development is specialized in the development of Android Apps. 

Current available apps are:

MAPPZ Quick Settings      MAPPZ offers Quick acces to all your favorite Settings and apps! Everything inside your phone is now at your fingertips...
Locify Locify reminds you of your tasks and notes when you enter certain areas.
LVO Rooster An app made for students at LVO-Parkstad (Limburg, The Netherlands). It sends you a notification if your timetables change, and saves your timetables for offline usage at school

Coming soon / beta:

MAPPZ Quick Widget    Your widgets, anywhere. 
Mappz Share Ever wanted to take a picture, crop it at once, add some neat effects and overlays and then immediately upload it to WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter? Android isn't able to do that. MAPPZ Share is.
Widget Transformer Widgets are an important part of Android. But what about the possibilities they give you? On an Android version below 4.0 you can't resize the widgets... And on Android 4.2, you can only add a few widgets to the lockscreen - instead of ALL of them. Widget Transformer solves this.

More apps are being developed right now. Please check out this website to stay up-to-date.